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Average Price

100 £ - 650 £

The best Essex House Moving prices are waiting for you at HomeRun. If you want to get professional and reliable House Moving service, you can create a job request, compare incoming House Moving prices, and get your job done easily.

House Moving

Average Essex House Moving Price

100 £ 650 £

Example Essex House Moving Prices

Essex / Braintree District

Essex / Braintree District


350 £

300 £ - 350 £

Request details

House Moving

How big is your move?

2 bedrooms

Do you need help with packing?

Yes, please disassemble & pack all items

Will we use the stairs or a lift at the loading point?

Stairs - 1 to 3 floors

How about at the location you are moving to?

Stairs - 1 to 3 floors

Job Details

No not that I’m aware there is plenty of parking with both properties and both houses

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