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Kent House Moving Prices are at HomeRun!

Average Price

100 £ - 650 £

The best Kent House Moving prices are waiting for you at HomeRun. If you want to get professional and reliable House Moving service, you can create a job request, compare incoming House Moving prices, and get your job done easily.

House Moving

Average Kent House Moving Price

100 £ 650 £

Example Kent House Moving Prices

Kent / Dartford

Kent / Dartford


100 £

100 £ - 350 £

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House Moving

How big is your move?

Less than 8 packed suitcases

Do you need help with packing?

No, we will do all the packing

Will we use the stairs or a lift at the loading point?

Stairs - 1 to 3 floors

How about at the location you are moving to?

We will move to the ground floor

Job Details

I’d like to be on the van to go to my new home

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