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Top 40 Event Photographers In Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Olamide A. photo

Olamide A.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

They say you can’t buy happiness but you can book me as your photographer and that’s kind of the same thing. Strictly clean pictures.

Aamir N. photo

Aamir N.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Photographer Bio: Aamir is a professional photographer with nine years of experience capturing life's special moments through the lens of a camera. From weddings and family portraits to landscapes and commercial projects, Aamir has a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful images...

ChaiLens Media and Marketing photo

ChaiLens Media and Marketing


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Welcome to ChaiLens, we are a team of innovative and creative professionals who are passionate about photography and marketing. At ChaiLens, we understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for social...

ChaiLens Media photo

ChaiLens Media


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

High-Quality Coverage: Our experienced team uses state-of-the-art equipment to capture stunning photos and videos that encapsulate the grandeur and atmosphere of as you need.. Prompt Delivery: We understand the importance of timely content delivery, allowing you to share highlights with your...

Caroline L. photo

Caroline L.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Hi there I am a skilled photographer specialising in portrait photography professional photoshoots and Fine Art Photography I am also experienced with nature and landscape photography Not only am I friendly but my passion for photography and quality images oozes out of me,haha Specifically I can...

Simeon A. photo

Simeon A.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I am London based photographer, with amazing portfolio. I have done work with a lot of magazines and I have been on 2 runway shows.

Karthıkeyan S. photo

Karthıkeyan S.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Dear Photography Seeker, Are you searching for a photographer who can do more than just take pictures? Look no further. I am here to turn your moments into captivating stories, immersing you in a world of unforgettable experiences that will be cherished for generations to come.

Chino Vantage Photography photo

Chino Vantage Photography


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

1. Experience and Expertise: As a professional event photographer, I have years of experience and a deep understanding of capturing any event's most important moments and details. I have the technical skills, artistic eye, and professional equipment necessary to ensure that my clients receive...

Klajvert B. photo

Klajvert B.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I am new on photography, videography. I am hardworking and willing to help any other photographer.

Pete M. photo

Pete M.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Ioffer a friendly, professional experience and i am great at dealing with people of all ages and animlas too. i have over 20 years in the photo industry and have covered a lot of different subjects in that time.

Sharko Films photo

Sharko Films


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I have unique blend of skills, artistic vision, and dedication to delivering exceptional results. I am highly skilled in the technical aspects of photography, including lighting, composition, and post-processing. This expertise ensures that every shot is well-crafted and technically flawless....

Jordy Z. photo

Jordy Z.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Hi, I’m Jordy Zambrano, a professional photographer based in London specialised on comercial photography. I start my freelancer photography shooting events, weddings and gastronomy for different brands and independent business.

James P. photo

James P.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

super flexible A photography duo james & halyna many genres specialised over two professionals all types of work considered and given its worth

Lenka K. photo

Lenka K.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Photography is my passion. Specialist for a food, architecture, wedding, and portrait photographer. 10 years of experience. My goal is to make fresh colorful pictures of tasty food and show the beauty, grace, strength, and enthusiasm of people. Focus on no-model and regular people in exaggerated...

Archie R. photo

Archie R.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Hi, I'm Archie. Let's have a chat, discuss themes and inspiration, and get it done. I work in Sport, Portraiture, Events, Music, and just about anything else you can think of.

Zoe  B. photo

Zoe B.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Hi I’m Zoe. I recently graduated from central saint martins doing fashion communication and am looking for some freelance work to build my portfolio. I specialise in fashion photography with a strong interest in film noir but also can do all sorts of photography. I have strong skills with all...

Natasha C. photo

Natasha C.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

My photos aren't loading on here please go to Based in London but happy travelling. I have been a photographer for 15 years, ranging from fashion to baby photography. The best way to describe what I do is people photography I guess, I love capturing peoples true expressions...

Vita Studio photo

Vita Studio


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I’m a professional trained photographer but the main reason to pick me as a photographer is that you want a friendly, relaxed, skilled, thoughtful, passionate, adaptable on the male photographer. I also invest time in pre meets for wedding photography clients and pre conversations with family...

Spek P. photo

Spek P.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I have been honoured to work for many events whilst working closely with clients to capture their best moments. We provide memorable services for corporate events, birthday party's, and celebrations.

Oluwafemi A. photo

Oluwafemi A.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I have over 20 years of experience in the fields chosen here and I have mastered each craft, delivering quality and high resolution images, capturing moment while we make our clients as comfortable as possible. I have successfully built a community where photographers and costumers can sit in a...

Ewa Horaczko P. photo

Ewa Horaczko P.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Hi I’m Ewa (pronounced Ava) and I’m a professional portrait photographer based in London. Whatever the occasion though, the essence of my work is to be fully present and genuinely ‘see’ my clients, how they sink in the joy of each moment, relax and reveal their true character and personality in...

Julija S. photo

Julija S.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Hi everyone. I'm family photographer and I truly love taking pictures of couples with kids. I would never force your kids to look at the camera and smile. Instead we will run, sing baby rhymes, play, read, have a good laugh and I will capture these moments on the photos. Photoshoot will be fun.

Inna Zhukov A. photo

Inna Zhukov A.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I like to photo best moment of your life or business. I believe you will save this moments of your life and you will be happy. I wish to create best photos for you.

Daniel B. photo

Daniel B.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I’m a London-based wedding photographer. My passion for capturing the perfect moment has taken me from Richmond Park to the Himalayas. An avid explorer, I always seek opportunities to share the world's beauty through my camera lens, and this desire to expose meaningful, candid moments led me to...

Emmanuel A. photo

Emmanuel A.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Choosing a photographer is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the outcome of any special occasion or project. When selecting a photographer, you deserve someone who possesses not only technical expertise but also a unique artistic vision, and that is precisely what I bring to the...

Greta R. photo

Greta R.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I mainly work with individuals, families and businesses. No modelling experience required. Don't worry if this is your first time having professional photos taken. I make sure that my clients feel good and relaxed during their session with me.

Zuleika N. photo

Zuleika N.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Because I believe every deserves pictures they will be happy with in 5 or so years. Because I make even the people that believe they aren’t photogenic. comfortable. Because I understand :)

Spas Yanachkov Y. photo

Spas Yanachkov Y.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

H i'm your photographer for every night i capture the best moments with the best quality at reasonable prices i love my job most importantly thank you

Diego Razvan R. photo

Diego Razvan R.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Hello, my name is Diego and I have been practicing photography for 15 years, I have a very good experience in the field. I like to create stories told through photographs I like to edit naturally and as close as possible to convey an emotion through the picture and its coloring, I also like to...

Roland B. photo

Roland B.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Hi, my name is Roland and I’m originally a street photographer, with means I usually take candid organic photos of people, like trying to create and visualise a composition of them in their environment. @roland_brett_ Which makes me the perfect candidate for events if you might need a photographer....

Amni A. photo

Amni A.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Hello and welcome. I am AMNI a visual artist, videographer, and photographer. My aim is to capture the essence of beauty of the world we live in and convey it into uniquely powerful story through the use of a variety of mediums, including painting, photography, videography, drawing and digital art,...

Lewis K. photo

Lewis K.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Lewis Khan is a photographic artist born and raised in London, working with stills and motion. From an early age, Lewis was drawn to the tactile and immediate nature of photography, using the camera as a means to engage with the world around him. His portrait based practice is a study of emotion,...

Liya D. photo

Liya D.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I am an enthusiastic and passionate London photographer with 3 years experience. I love what I do and more so love delivering work that makes my clients happy. I strive to capture real authentic images and I do this by ensuring that my clients are comfortable. I truly believe that creativity flows...

The Photo Team photo

The Photo Team


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

12+ years experience in professional photography, versed in all types event photography, from conferences, corporate events, exhibitions to parties. Worked with a number of high profile clients at events. Covered events with 10 - 8000 attendees/delegates, familiar with a number of popular...

Timo M. photo

Timo M.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Providing professional services in different photography styles (individual portraits, family shoots, corporate, weddings, engagement parties, events and many more) across UK and rest of the world with more than 10 years of experience in industry. With professional, friendly and unique approach...

Black Avalanche Photography photo

Black Avalanche Photography


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I believe creative breeds vibrant colours of life, and everyone has their niche. I have always look for a way I can be creative, help people and make people feel good about themselves. Special memories are buried inside of photos. These memories are triggered by the special viewer and they can be...

Karolina J. photo

Karolina J.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Hi guys! I'm a master degreeded artist with a years od experience. A professional approach to the work entrusted to me, and if this is an important occasion for you, I will help you relieve stress, you won't even feel that there the photographer is nearby :)

Dev R. photo

Dev R.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I have been doing photography and videography from last 4 years and and i have a certification in softwares like phptoshop, loghtroom, etc...

Prıncesse-rhema-alenga-ıreılle T. photo

Prıncesse-rhema-alenga-ıreılle T.


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

I'm very attentive and I give every task 100% I'm also passionate about photography and aspire to be a professional photographer.

Laraibs photography photo

Laraibs photography


Event Photographer · Epsom and Ewell, Surrey

Because i am professional, and love to meet peple and make them comfortable ,disscuss their idea and looks what they want and my rates are quite flexible

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