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In my life, CHANGE has been the defining keyword. I've navigated numerous career shifts, launching two businesses from scratch, and living in various cities and countries. While it may sound glamorous, this journey requires immense resilience, adaptability, and emotional control. Starting from scratch multiple times comes with its own set of challenges, loneliness, failures, and the occasional setback. I've experienced job loss, had to step away from semi-pro football due to injury, missed out on well-deserved promotions, and moved homes numerous times. These experiences, both the highs and lows, have shaped me into who I am today and fuel my belief that I can guide you to new heights in your career and life. My diverse background includes roles as a Recruiter, Chief of Staff for a large organization, Project Manager, and Small Business Owner. I understand the complexities of professional and personal growth, and I'm eager to hear your story and collaborate on shaping your future together.
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