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I am a Wolverhampton-based studio & location photographer with over 25 years of experience. My primary strength is within the commercial field, which includes studio, location, corporate, press & P.R, food, events, property, and sport. Locations can be a challenging environment from both subject and light perspectives and there are often pressured time constraints to get the shots required. For this discipline, you need a photographer who has a great deal of experience combined with an instinct to react to the situation they are faced with often with little or no time to plan ahead. With my extensive experience, I realise the importance of gaining trust and putting people at ease in front of the camera, and quickly building a rapport with them. or getting the best shot if it's a product shoot. I have worked with many picture editors within newspapers and magazines and feel I have been in this trade long enough to have a feel for what will jump off the page and get noticed straight away. I have regular clients from both large and small businesses in the professional, leisure, and creative industries so I feel I have a wide portfolio to provide to any prospective client. As a professional photographer, I understand that each client expects bespoke packages and photographs, and I am confident in my ability to fulfil a client's needs I say to all new clients "Should my photographs fail to meet your expectations then I would give you a no quibble refund". My website can be viewed at www.dlinneyphotography.com
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