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We are one of central London’s most experienced, quality construction companies specialised in high-end house renovations, extensions and conversions. We offer you a 360 degree, hassle-free, fully transparent service, delivering your high-end project at a competitive price. We believe that true excellence is achieved only by going beyond standard approaches to construction. Usually, if you were thinking about a construction project you would have two options: hiring a big company (pricy) or hiring a regular builder (risky). We change that by reviving the traditional ‘master builder’ approach, offering you a complete, 360 degree service. This means you only have one contractor – us, one contract, and a guaranteed, fixed price agreed at the outset – so no spiralling costs. Your personal project manager will take care of every aspect of the design, planning permissions, build and project delivery for you. This minimises the stress and potential risks for you. It also means you get your project completed sooner because the design and build phases are overlapped.
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