Jackie Kıdd-england

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Surrey Reigate and Banstead

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I am a qualified integrative therapist. I am experienced in working with both young people and adults. I believe the relationship is key to a successful therapeutic experience, I work across different therapeutic modalities including CBT, Psychodynamic Therapy and Person Centred Therapy but always from a place of relationship first. I am able to offer a service online or face to face depending on location. I have always considered that if a service is available it should be available to everyone, with this is mind I have set up a travelling therapy service. I have wheelchair access and can do home visits for those that can’t travel or we can arrange a place to meet. If this does not suit you I am happy to find a room we can use that you will feel comfortable in. I can offer some early evening appointments and also have a varied payment schedule for a limited number of clients. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.
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