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Do any of these sound familiar?  I'm a small/medium business owner or a home-based business.  I'm new in business and really don't know where to start with accounting. I just want someone to get me up and running and set up my accounting so I can then run it myself.  My business is growing but I don't think I can afford to pay someone to do my accounts.  I really prefer to undertake most of the bookkeeping, but sometimes when I’m snowed under with other things I might need some help.  Thinking about accounts and paperwork gives me a major headache. If you answered “yes” to any of these, contact me and see how I can help turn your bookkeeping pain into gain. The main beneficiaries of my services are: • Self-employed individuals • Small businesses who may have a finance function but wish to outsource the basic bookkeeping • Small businesses with no finance function who are looking to outsource the entire function • Medium sized businesses with a operations in place that need over-seeing. • Accountancy practices wishing to outsource the book-keeping function Services include: Accounting records prepared on a regular basis – either manually, computerised either using your chosen accounting system.  Sales ledger – customers  Purchase ledger – suppliers  Nominal ledger  Bank  VAT  CIS Also: clearance of any backlogs, help in understanding your accounting records, ad hoc cover or assistance with projects and advice and assistance. I am flexible: your records can be in any form (note books, lists, or a bag of receipts), I will take them and record them in a standard format.
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