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With over 5 years of experience cleaning for residential, commercial and vacation rental properties I am equipped to clean your property to a very high standard. I have travelled a lot and know what I look for in good vacation accommodation. Therefore, I am aware of the expectations that guest have on arrival to a property ie cleanliness, comfort, relaxation etc. I like to leave a property after a clean looking and smelling fresh and extremely clean. I have good attention to detail and get job satisfaction from a job well done. I am reliable, can work to schedule, I communicate well and I have excellent management skills. I understand that good customer feedback is crucial for both your business as well as mine so I am prepared to go over a beyond to achieve high standards. I can offer a full service to my clients from cleaning - to full laundry service - to housekeeping. I also provide my own cleaning equipment & products. My clients can be assured that If there is anything that they are unsatisfied with I will endeavour to rectify it immediately.
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