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Hello, I'm Simon, founder of Neometa, based in the UK, where a decade of WordPress & Shopify design and development experience has led to the creation of innovative, user-centric digital platforms that not only meet but exceed the expectations of a diverse and global clientele. From award-winning film directors to AI social impact companies working with Fortune 500 firms. My expertise also extends to supporting businesses with a commitment to equity, diversity, and positive social impact, ensuring the digital experiences I create are accessible and inclusive for all users . Quick Overview: Location: UK-based, serving clients worldwide. Expertise: Tailored WordPress/Shopify design and development with an innovative edge. Customer Service: Dedicated to providing exceptional support and clear communication. Quality Assurance: Striving for excellence in every project to ensure impeccable website performance. Training: Empowering clients with comprehensive online sessions and guides (PDF/Video) for effective site management.
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