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Smriti is an enthusiastic, hardworking and reliable individual, studied for PGCE (Maths) with QTS at Sheffield Hallam University, teaching Maths and Accounting for last 10 years to pupils of years 7-11 covering all ability range. Before starting her teaching career, she worked as an accountant for CEMEX UK Operations for six years. She has gained an understanding of Rosenshine’s principles of instruction and cognitive load theory, on how to scaffold learning by breaking the new information into chunks, providing worked examples and guided practice to enable the learners to follow new concepts without experiencing cognitive overload. For successful tutoring, she possesses good communication skills, the ability to adapt the lesson as per prior knowledge of individual pupil and effective mentoring skills encouraging pupils to take a responsible and conscientious attitude to study by making it relevant to real life situations. She offers a personalised learning programme for every individual pupil bridging the gap in learning. She has the ability to teach a particular concept in a variety of different ways, showing patience while delivering the lesson, actively listening to a pupil’s concern and providing her subject knowledge expertise to make them understand difficult concepts. She uses different colours, pictures, videos, highlighters to impart information which makes her classroom interactive and engaging for students, encouraging them to type, draw and annotate, directly responding to learning prompts. This makes the learning more memorable for students. Smriti is truly of the opinion that tutoring is all about sharing knowledge, insights and experience which involves compassion, generosity, and commitment to be genuinely invested in a pupil’s growth and help them make progress in the right direction. She is a committed teacher who is very passionate, honest and hard working. She is always professional. There are no concerns about her conduct.
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