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A Surefire Way to Add Value to Your Real Estate: Meet Property Photography Specialists

Value is an interesting topic - sure, every item, including real estate, has an intrinsic value behind them that depends on their location, utility and various other factors, but it is also important to accurately convey the true value of a property, and that’s where property photographers come into play!

As professionals who specialise in portraying real estate in a desirable manner, property photographers are able to increase the presentability of your investments and allow you to realise a better margin for your property if you are in the market for selling them. Thus, with how heated the real estate market can be, it is no wonder that many people across the United Kingdom have been hiring professional property photographers to have their properties assessed before they even consider listing the property.

Top 40 Property Photographers

John P. photo

John P.


Property Photographer · Camden, London

30 years of property photography experience, an eye for the smallest detail when setting up shoots, punctual 100% reliable and easy to deal with.

David J. photo

David J.


Property Photographer · Tendring, Essex

I have been doing freelance design, marketing and photography for about 7 years alongside working at an agency full time. While I specialise in hospitality, events and property, I can offer affordable rates in a range of senarios that are tailored to your needs.

Francis A. photo

Francis A.


Property Photographer · Southwark, London

For your videos and pictures, we’ve been in a business for 10 years, choose us unless work together for your day. It’s all about you.

Dee A. photo

Dee A.


Property Photographer · Northampton, Northamptonshire

United kingdom based professional photographer video creator and film directors available to work anywhere I a creative minded professional photography film making and digital content creators who have all worked with Professional Athletics Music Artis Models Magazines Brand Influencers...

Alayda S. photo

Alayda S.


Property Photographer · Birmingham, Birmingham

Customers should choose me because of my 12 years of experience, unique style, creativity, and ability to capture special moments in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful. My attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication to providing high-quality images sets me apart from other...

Danarus Productions photo

Danarus Productions


Property Photographer · Manchester, Manchester

I am professional and experenced photographer. K use latest Canon digital gear. I travel all around UK and EU. Being in this teadd since 2012 i charge very reasonabld price to makd mh cluents fully happy znd satisfied

Ambershore Pix Limited photo

Ambershore Pix Limited


Property Photographer · City of Westminster, London

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Valdis, I am a founder of Ambershore Pix. At Ambershore Pix we create clean and inviting images of homes for real estate agents and landlords that help convey warmth to potential homeowners and increase sales. We also provide floor planning services, aerial...

Anisha G. photo

Anisha G.


Property Photographer · Harrow, London

Hey Hey Hey. Thanks for stopping by and taking your time out to get to know me. Here's a bit about myself and how this amazing journey started.​ Ever since a young age I'd grab my parents phone and take pictures of buildings, scenery, people, so much more and make them look unique, try out...

Raad photography photo

Raad photography


Property Photographer · Birmingham, Birmingham

Are you looking for an ordinary wedding photography. Let me tell you, I see wedding photography differently. That solid pose, sterile and old fashioned nonsense style is something of the past, and today's wedding photography is all about colourful, intimate, and versatile locations. I started...

Thomas B. photo

Thomas B.


Property Photographer · Wakefield, Wakefield

Looking for a professional Photo/Videographer for your even, business or personal use? You've found It.

Saurav D. photo

Saurav D.


Property Photographer · City of Leicester, City of Leicester

I can fulfil every demand my client expects and make sure they are satisfied with the output. Also I can provide good quality at affordable rates.

Jordy Z. photo

Jordy Z.


Property Photographer · Merton, London

Hi, I’m Jordy Zambrano, a professional photographer based in London specialised on comercial photography. I start my freelancer photography shooting events, weddings and gastronomy for different brands and independent business.

Jessica B. photo

Jessica B.


Property Photographer · Gravesham, Kent

If you are looking for high-quality, reliable, and affordable photography - you clicked on the right profile. My name is Jess and I currently take Photography at higher education; I am freelancing my photography skills to grow my portfolio and provide excellent photographs for a lower price than is...

Lewis F. photo

Lewis F.


Property Photographer · Liverpool, Liverpool

Photographer and Drone Surveyor for over 3 years. (Low rates and quick response time) -Estate Photography -roof and building photography -construction progress photography -promotional videos -camera location surveys -Advertising Photography -Sports and Wildlife Photography

Sam Williams W. photo

Sam Williams W.


Property Photographer · Surrey Heath, Surrey

I’m full of ideas and I love a challenge whether it be an album cover to weddings. I’m easy to work with and accommodating. I put 110% in every assignment. My reviews are on Facebook

Irinel Cristinel O. photo

Irinel Cristinel O.


Property Photographer · Harrow, London

Creative Photographer with artistic talent and eye for detail to create professional images. Versed in composition, lighting and image editing to produce quality results. Customises approaches based on shoot types and customer specifications. Enthusiastic and eager to contribute to team success...

Muhammad F. photo

Muhammad F.


Property Photographer · Manchester, Manchester

As a photographer, I have chosen to be as candid as possible. I have my own style that adds value to what I create. I am flexible to the needs of clients and goes beyond the role to fulfil the requirements. My process is simple; - Pre shoot discussion/consultancy - Shoot with immediate delivery of...

Eduardo C. photo

Eduardo C.


Property Photographer · Guildford, Surrey

I Am a photographer in UK since 1995, started working for newspapers in Yorkshire as sports photographer, today working on events, conercial, editorial in focus in food photography

Dan And Jan Media photo

Dan And Jan Media


Property Photographer · Calderdale, Calderdale

Here at Dan and Jan Media, We pride ourselves on providing an amazing service , with out the headache of dealing with big companies , dedication and flexibility are our core values. Not only will we make sure we get the job done , it will be to the highest quality , as stock footage contributors...

Walid B. photo

Walid B.


Property Photographer · Windsor and Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead

As a photographer I want my photos to imagine a bold, exciting world-one in which the subject, be it a product or a person, stands out, shines. Viewers need to be transported, and my photos achieve that through careful compositions of color and tone. This is the end result of a process by which I...

Richard L. photo

Richard L.


Property Photographer · Manchester, Manchester

A friendly exceptionally skilled photographer with 15 years experience. In the industry. Review - Richards shots have come back incredible and will be using again.

Nicole T. photo

Nicole T.


Property Photographer · Havering, London

I am a passionate free-lance Photographer looking to fulfil clients needs and wants for a photoshoot given. I am currently in my second year of University and therefore I already have experience of Photography behind me. I put heart and soul into creativity allowing me to find the best possible...

Dev R. photo

Dev R.


Property Photographer · Ealing, London

I have been doing photography and videography from last 4 years and and i have a certification in softwares like phptoshop, loghtroom, etc...

Albin P. photo

Albin P.


Property Photographer · Watford, Hertfordshire

I am Passionate photographer I can easily understand peoples emotions and I passionate to capture that emotions

Ibukun S. photo

Ibukun S.


Property Photographer · Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne

With my over 10 years documenting wedding photography, I am confident with each client and job

Farhan K. photo

Farhan K.


Property Photographer · Hammersmith and Fulham, London

Are you seeking a photographer who can transform your ideas into stunning visual narratives? Look no further. Meet Farhan Khan, a creative visionary who combines technical skill with boundless imagination. His unique perspective and innovative approach transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary...

Light Rave Studios photo

Light Rave Studios


Property Photographer · Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton

We at Light Rave Studios are a team of skilled photographers and videographers. We are all very passionate and love what we do, especially when we deliver work to our clients and see their excitement and joy. We have a combined experience of 30 years and our priority is you and bringing your...

Amina I. photo

Amina I.


Property Photographer · Manchester, Manchester

My photography stands out to others due to its unique perspective and captivating storytelling. I have a remarkable ability to find beauty in ordinary, transforming everyday scenes into extraordinary works of art. My keen eye for composition, coupled with a mastery of lighting and color, ensures...

Warren W. photo

Warren W.


Property Photographer · Manchester, Manchester

As a photographer, I bring a unique and creative perspective to every shoot I do. I have an eye for capturing the most compelling and beautiful moments that make my clients stand out from the rest. My passion for photography is evident in every shot I take, and I go above and beyond to ensure that...

Laura Carmina B. photo

Laura Carmina B.


Property Photographer · Brent, London

I love photography, I love to take photos, I love to help . If you need photography services, just contact me

Evt Events


Property Photographer · Preston, Lancashire

Our wedding photography packages are designed to capture every beautiful moment of your special day. We offer creative and artistic wedding photography that tells the unique story of your love, providing you with a stunning wedding album that will be cherished for generations to come.

Honey Days Photography


Property Photographer · Preston, Lancashire

Let us be the storytellers of your wedding day. Our creative and natural wedding photography approach ensures that your wedding album narrates the perfect love story, one frame at a time.

Ali Raza


Property Photographer · Preston, Lancashire

I offer a range of wedding photography packages that are tailored to your unique vision. My goal is to capture the magic of your wedding day with creativity and professionalism, providing you with lasting memories.

Diamond Wedding Image


Property Photographer · Preston, Lancashire

Preserve your memories in a timeless wedding album crafted with care. Our albums are designed to showcase the artistry of your wedding photography, making it an heirloom you will treasure forever.

Wedding Glow Photo


Property Photographer · Preston, Lancashire

For couples planning a destination wedding, our international wedding photography services are tailored to your needs. We are experienced in capturing the essence of destination weddings, ensuring your unique setting is beautifully preserved.

Photo Rosa


Property Photographer · Preston, Lancashire

Elevate your wedding photography with our drone and videography services. Our experienced team uses the best equipment to capture breathtaking aerial shots and cinematic videos, adding an extra dimension to your wedding memories.

Megan Clarke


Property Photographer · Preston, Lancashire

I specialise in crafting a perfect wedding photography experience for couples. From planning your engagement shoot to capturing the story of your wedding day, I am here to make your dreams come true.

Cian Wright


Property Photographer · Preston, Lancashire

As a professional wedding photographer based in the UK, I specialise in both natural and documentary-style wedding photography. I bring a creative touch to your wedding photos, ensuring that your wedding day is perfectly reflected in every single picture.

Jamie Taylor


Property Photographer · Preston, Lancashire

Your wedding day is a real-life fairy tale, and I am here to document it in the most authentic way possible. I excel in capturing the genuine moments, emotions, and interactions that make your wedding day truly special.

Glow Wedding Photography UK


Property Photographer · Preston, Lancashire

Experience the magic of your engagement shoot with us. Our creative approach sets the stage for your love story, adding a unique chapter to your wedding photography portfolio.

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Without further ado, here are some specific tasks property photographers can handle - and some of the most sought after questions related to their profession!

Types of Property Photography

Lighting, angle and anything in between… Photography is a demanding job, and some property photographers are more versed to handle specific types of property photography than others with two of the main categories being interior property photography and exterior property photography.

Interior Property Photography

Sometimes considered a crossover between interior design photography and property photography, şnterior property photography is a specialised field that focuses on capturing the interior spaces of real estate properties. It aims to showcase the layout, design, and unique features of the property's interiors by securing carefully composed shots that highlight the architectural elements, decor, and the overall ambiance of each room.

Professional photographers with expertise in interior property photography have a keen eye for capturing the perfect angles, utilising lighting techniques, and presenting the space in the most appealing way. By showcasing the interior spaces, this type of photography helps potential buyers or tenants envision themselves living or working in the property, making it a vital aspect of any real estate marketing strategy.

Exterior Property Photography

Exterior property photography, on the other hand, focuses on capturing the external features of a property.

This specialisation emphasises the architectural design, landscaping, outdoor amenities, and curb appeal of the real estate instead of its interior features. By utilising natural lighting and framing techniques, exterior property photography aims to showcase the property's facade, surroundings, and any standout features such as a well-manicured garden or a stunning view that might also increase the value of the property for a potential buyer.

Since these captivating images create a positive first impression and entice potential buyers or tenants to explore the property further, these professionals are known to use expensive equipment and well honed techniques.

Now that we have covered two main types of property photography, here are some of the most asked questions when it comes to better understanding the scope of the services provided by property photographers!

Why is property photography important?

As we briefly discussed above, property photography can be significantly important for anyone looking to list their real estate for potential buyers as it visually represents a property for sale or rent, attracting even more interested parties or tenants and creating a positive first impression for all. Since most of the property hunting now takes place in online environments, emphasis on property photography has increased as well since the profession plays a crucial role in online searches, helping establish credibility for real estate professionals and building a positive relationship between the owner, agents and buyers.

What does a property photographer do?

Basically, a property photographer captures professional photographs of real estate properties. They work closely with agents or property owners to showcase the property's best features, plan the shoot, take appealing photos using specialised equipment, and deliver high-quality images for marketing purposes.

To ensure this goal can be achieved, property photographers use various high end equipment and know-how, as while everyone can take basic pictures of their properties (even with their smartphones) not all have knowledge to use lighting and surroundings to match market requirements.

What makes a good property photo?

A good property photo is the one that increases the value and credibility of your property. Thus, we can argue that a good property photo has a well-composed composition, utilises lighting effectively, showcases the property's cleanliness and organisation, and pays attention to details. It strikes a balance between accurate representation and visual appeal, evoking positive emotions in potential buyers or tenants. It is also important for property photographers to pay attention to industry trends and understand what considerations can prove to be useful for the task at hand.

How long is a property photoshoot?

A property photoshoot typically lasts one to three hours, depending on the property's size and complexity. The photographer needs time to assess the property, plan the shoot, capture the desired shots, and potentially make minor adjustments or staging. Post-processing tasks may require additional time as well, so it is always a good idea to consult your property photographer before committing to the job.

HomeRun: Finding the Best Property Photographer Near You

It is a demanding process to find a trustworthy local property photography service provider near where you live. Even after you find a real estate photography specialist, it is crucial that the professional property photography service provider or company knows what they are doing and will finalise this demanding process without any room for mistakes. This is why numerous people have been asking the same question “How to find a property photographer?”.

Homerun aims to solve these issues by connecting you with professionals first and then letting you select which real estate photography company you want to work with. You will be able to select the property photographer of your choosing from hundreds of different companies or professionals located in all parts of England! This way, you will have a chance to go through the details and important aspects regarding the nature of your needs before you even enlist the help of a professional service!

Homerun also has an extensive rating system too where past contractors can rate and comment on professionals and companies. By doing so, you will know that you are dealing with the right person and eliminate any chance of unwanted surprises!

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    HomeRun gives you the opportunity to receive quotes from multiple service providers which ensures you do not depend on a sole service provider. By means of quote competition, you get more options and reasonable prices.

  • 4- Are customer reviews and ratings on HomeRun real?

    All ratings and reviews that you see on a service provider's profile are real and verified. We make sure all these jobs are done and reviews are real.

  • 5- How much does Property Photographer service cost at HomeRun?

    Property Photographer prices at HomeRun range from 100 £ to 250 £ depending on job details.

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